Toowoomba Budgerigar Association Inc


Rockhampton Auction was on Sunday the 12/06/2011, and it was good to see that some of the Toowoomba members were there. There was a good selection of birds for auction with the  highest bids going to two Toowoomba members, congradulations to those members.  

Myself, Pete Shane and Ron all travelled up to Rockie on the Saturday and after 8 nearly 9 hours we arrived, hence I must say we shouldnt relie on Ron for directions. Saturday afternoon we went around to see Kev O'Callagans birds and met with Kev. Thanks Kev for the oppurtuinty to meet and see your birds.  Saturday night we met the crowd at the tavern and had a loverly meal and had a met and greet with a few poeple. Good to see so many Toowoomba members there. The welcome and friendly enviroment was great met with some loverly poeple from Townsville,Mackay and Rockie and I highly recconmend going next year.

Sunday we were up early and off to the auction. The venue was great the presenter was terrific and the poeple were awesome. There were two young men there from Mackay you were buying some loverly birds it was good to see  these young 14,15 year olds getting excited about the hobby.. The auction finished at 2.30 we left there at 3pm and flew home following Trev Turner. Great weekend.

Thanks to Kev O'Callaghan, Ian Schneider and the Capriconia club for there great hospitility and a great auction. PS thanks Kev for the plug on Kiwis talking real english.


Accomadation we stayed at the Sunplams, it cost us $120 a night for two poeple and that included a full breckfast which was loverly, highly recconmended.

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